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    Chance or Design?

Primitive Stone Tool An archeologist finds a piece of flint with a series of chips removed from it such as the one pictured here. The typical conclusion is that he has discovered an ancient tool.

Keystone Bridge People encounter a pile of rocks that span a stream such as the one shown here. The question asked is, "Who made this bridge, and when did they make it?"

In both cases, the probability of these objects having formed by chance is considered insignificant compared to the likelihood that people of sufficient skill and intelligence constructed them. People typically do not argue that given enough time, enough landslides and movement of the earth and soil, this rock could have been shaped this way by natural forces, or that this pile of rocks could have been arranged by chance in the form of a bridge as we see here. We correctly conclude that an intelligent designer was most certainly at work.

Sojourner on Mars Imagine a group of aliens from another planet exploring Mars, finding the Martian rover, Sojourner. Would they be spending their time trying to find ways to explain how such a thing could happen by chance? Or would they more likely ask, "Who made this? Where are they now?" The nature of the artifact would show that intelligent planning and an advanced technology was involved in its formation.

A single living cell, whether from our bodies or a single-celled organism, is an active, self-contained chemical factory more complex and organized than any man-made chemical company. People were not around when life came into being, but that does not mean that an intelligent being was not. By excluding the possibility of God's existence when inquiring about our origins we are excluding the most probable and logical explanation for our existence.


It is our goal to understand the Bible as God intended us to understand it, and to respond to its message in the way God has commanded. By setting aside man-made traditions, and going back to the message of life as it was originally delivered by the apostles, we believe that we can be born again to be the same kind of Christians that the apostles' preaching produced in the first century.

If you live in or are planning to visit the Oxford Hills Region of Western Maine, we hope that you will stop by to attend the worship services, classes and events that we offer. Our worship services are simple and contain activities that the first century church practiced: The Lord's Supper, prayer, acapella singing, encouragement from God's Word, and giving.

We want to help everyone get to know our Lord and Savior and to strengthen them as they strive to serve Him. If you have any questions about us, about the web-site or about the Bible, please feel free to call us, or better yet, email us to avoid a game of "phone tag."

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